Great photography depth of feeling

My name is Aisha-Zakiya Boyd,
I’m a Professional Photographer.

I am a woman, a photographer, an artist, a dancer, an art advocate, and a world traveler...but not necessarily in that order. I love telling and documenting stores about cultures, about people, about art, about love.   

As a photographer, I make portraits hoping that I’ll inspire people to see the best in themselves and others.  I hope people will reconnect to the things that make us all human and that connect us to each other.  Pictures, taken at split moments in time, remind us of our essence, who we are without all of our thoughts, worries, and fears getting in the way; our passion, our joy, our hope, our love shines through.   

A photography session with me is intended to be an experience, a journey where we talk, we laugh, we play, we listen to great music, and we leave with beautiful images, stories shared and memories created.   

Thank you for visiting me, for being curious, for appreciating my work, for journeying with me.  You can find me on facebook or twitter for other random thoughts, and posts, and good stories.  Email me or call to inquire about my rates, projects, or to invite me out for a cool adventure.  However, be patient, as I catch my breath.  All my love... 

Come Find Your JuJu